About the Brancato Family

From John Jr: This all started 5 generations ago with my great grandfather John coming to America from Italy 🇮🇹. Settling in Southern New York he eventually made his way to the West side of Buffalo and instantly became a major contributing factor to the growth and development of the City of Buffalo. My grandfather Nick was an amazing man. WW2 Veteran serving aboard the USS Missouri. Nick was absolutely amazing when it came to any sort of Masonry work and even better when it came to woodworking. Some of his hand built pieces still exist in our homes today. He taught his sons the buisness, and all 3 of them specialize in a few trades each. Roofing, framing, master carpenters, hvac, electrical, and more just to name a few. I was lucky to grow up around not just the 3 of them but my grandfather as well. In 2006 we lost my Uncle Mike unexpectedly and he is still missed each and every day. Learning the buisness the same way they did, from the generation before was the key to continue success in our community. Today you will often see my sons on a jobsite with me learning the same exact way we all did, gaining valuable knowledge and experience that they will take through life with them, not only the trades part but how to run a family buisness for more generations to come… GO BILLS!!!